The Atrium Multiband

The Atrium

The Atrium is a beautiful space on the first floor of the Multiband Tower that is frequently used for wedding receptions, rehearsal dinners, banquets, graduation parties and more! Grazies does not have any mandatory pricing guidelines or required services, resulting in a limitless number of options and price points to create the perfect experience for you and your event. The Atrium can be set to seat any group from 50 to 250 people, with outdoor seating possible as well. Set in the lobby of a South Fargo landmark, The Atrium features beautiful imported tile flooring, glass walls on two sides of the room looking out over our well maintained lawn and concrete patio area, and nearly endless decorating possibilities. The Atrium must be seen to appreciate the space, so make an appointment (701-492-5151) to see it today!


Buffet Service:

Large parties in The Atrium frequently provide dinner to their guests on a buffet. Buffet service allows guests to plate their own combination from up to three entrée choices. Bread with our house dipping oil and salad may also be provided. When providing buffet service, guests are encouraged to return to the line as much as they would like until dinner is completed. Buffet service is priced per guest.

Plated Service:

Grazies is able to provide plated service for our smaller Atrium events. Plated service may be pre-ordered ahead of time or ordered on the evening of your event from a pre-determined restricted menu. Bread with our house dipping oil and salad may also be provided. Plated service is priced per meal.

Appetizers and Hors D’oeuvres:

Appetizers and hors d’oeuvres may be provided to your guests by themselves or in addition to buffet or plated service. We have a large variety of options, ranging from cold options like fresh fruit or vegetable trays and bruschetta to hot options like spinach and artichoke dip and hand rolled meatballs. Appetizer and hors d’oeuvre service is priced by quantity of food provided.


Grazies is able to provide select gourmet desserts to your guests. Grazies offers made from scratch cheesecakes, Italian wedding cake and tiramisu. Mini desserts may also be provided as a “just right” option. Dessert prices vary depending on amount and choice of dessert.

Drink Service:

Drinks, both alcoholic and non-alcoholic, are always made available to our guests in the Atrium. Non-alcoholic drinks may be provided to your guests at no cost to them for one small fee. Alcoholic beverages may be provided in a variety of ways for your guests to enjoy:

  • Cash bar – There is a fee to set up a cash bar so that your guests may order as they wish
  • Open bar – Open bars may be set up for an amount of time or to a specific dollar amount
  • Server run beverages – Our smaller Atrium parties are able to order their drinks from a server, who may run beverages from the bar in Grazies and run tabs accordingly
  • Drink tickets – Tickets may be provided at any quantity. The host paying for the drink tickets will only pay for those redeemed and only at the value of the drink it was redeemed for
  • Keg – A keg may be provided for your party to enjoy
  • Wine – A number of bottles of wine may be pre-purchased for your guests to enjoy
  • And more!

Although we do not adhere to strict pricing guidelines, we do have a typical pricing system that fits most Atrium parties. Cost for The Atrium is broken down into two categories:

  • Atrium Fee – The Atrium fee is a summary of all costs incurred by Grazies as it pertains to the Atrium. Room rental, set up, take down and clean up, tables and chairs, linens, backdrops, and labor are all included in the Atrium fee. Because of the way that this fee is formulated, each event’s Atrium fee will vary depending on their set up and staffing needs. Prices will vary, but average fees for the Atrium are as follows:
    • 50 people - $300
    • 125 people - $600
    • 200 people - $1,000
    • 250 people - $1,250
  • Food – Food cost will be charged according to the number of guests or quantity of food provided (tax and gratuity is also added)

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